What Is “It?” Can’t Say…but you can feel It

Linear time is fake news that your brain broadcasts to your ego, causing a constant low-grade stress over its alleged impending doom.

The heart and the gut tell you not to fear, that every point in time is eternity and the thrill ride you’re on brings you back where you began. What is good news to your ego is bad news to your brain, which still sees itself as the seat of your consciousness and reasons that, if consciousness does persist, then the ego will still be bound to it after death.

It won’t be…because it isn’t now. The seat of your consciousness is the same as mine. It is the seat of the sapience of every creature that lives and moves and has its being, the sentience of every plant and fungus, the intelligence that holds together every atom in the physical universe. It isn’t in your head; our heads are just extensions of it that became self-aware.

What is it? That depends on who you are asking. Many call it God, while others call it Brahman or Tao. Some, so we can see it anew without cultural baggage, create neologisms for it like “omniunum.” In “Birding in the Face of Terror,” I borrowed a concept from Rastafarianism and called it “I and I.” For the purposes of my latest book, it is recast as the King. These are all names for the same unnameable It, and It is within you just as you are within It. It is what you were before you took this bodily form, and It is what you will be after you leave it — though your ego may desire another ride, and that is fine too.

If this is all too confusing for you…just trust. Have confidence that Life is not a dead end. Simple reason should tell you that a timeline which begins and ends in eternity is a cycle, so this ride is going to bring you to a place that will be familiar, no matter how dimly aware you are now. You could not stray from It if you tried.

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