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Where y’at, folks. I’m glad you stopped by. Noesta Aqui is part of an ND Media metaphysical education and outreach project called Not Two. We are promoting an anticipated paradigm shift toward universalism and non-duality in the function of philosophy and world religion. I seek to help bring this shift to fruition through essays and allegorical fiction that highlight the interconnected nature of all beings (or “interbeing“)  and the eternal foundation of Life itself (often symbolized and characterized as “God”) that we are all living and experiencing in part.

In addition to the in-depth articles on Pantheism, Perennialism, Non-dual Philosophy and the like archived at the main site, please enjoy my material organized here in more traditional bloggy-style format here under the Metaphysical Gumbo banner. You can also explore pages devoted to the books and publications produced by our parent company, ND Media, as well as those in progress.

Currently, we offer one paperback novel, Birding in the Face of Terror— a pan-mystic tale of connection and the search for home, detailing the true story of how Now Two came to be.

There is also an e-book novelette. The Continuing Story of Ananias and Sapphira, a progressive revision of early Christianity in a familiar modern setting.

In the near future, we will be releasing another novel: The Peasant and the King— an allegorical tale that combines post-modern spirituality with the ancient art of mythcraft through archetypal characters. 


Being the host of the vacation home of the project, I keep things a bit more informal here. So come on in and relax, let me pour you a Finger Lakes Riesling and share some heartfelt words about God and the cosmos. You can put your feet up on the coffee table and kick back here.

And of course, thank you for supporting independent media and freethought in the overly conformist branch of philosophy we call Theology. We can and will keep it moving forward to serve the needs of the 21st century and beyond with your faithful participation.

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Who Dat? (About the Author)

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