God Between the Numbers, Part 2: Isness and Suchness

GOD BETWEEN THE NUMBERS Previous Installment: Part 1 Before developing the relationship between God and the three kinds of infinity, we need to introduce the conceptual tools that will translate these mathematical models into the language of ontological philosophy. Like any other language, mathematics can only represent reality and simulate it symbolically. If language doesn’t […]

God Between the Numbers, Introduction: The Pantheism Problem

It seemed increasingly clear that we sell our philosophy short by jumping to the pantheist conclusion straight from the platform of atheism, without a proper rendering of theism as a Perennialist expression of interior, contemplative phenomena of the mind. This was not merely putting the monist cart before the horse of spiritual contemplation, but also locating it at the end of a journey only the horse can make.

Dialectical Spiritualism: the Synthetic Elegance of Pantheism — Chapter 1: Matter and Mind

To truly follow any mental activity to its source is to uncover the strands of a structure that, like Indra’s Net, lead in all directions at once. This structure is not something apart from the atomistic universe; it is this exact physical space, but perceived with something like an existential sideways glance, as a limitless relational matrix containing the connectivity of all atoms.