Trying to Stop Trying — Pez King Blog #2

You cannot reach enlightenment by trying. But you also cannot reach it by ceasing to try. That just leaves you back where you started, and if you were satisfied with that state, you wouldn’t have started trying. Not to mention the futility of trying to stop trying.

So no, do not try, and do not stop trying.

Stop being the thing that is doing the trying.

Stop being a subject that is verbing to reach an object. God is the only subject. You are a verb. Let your verb and the object be two expressions of the same thing, like “breathe” and “breath.”

Enlightenment is not yours to achieve. It is God’s, and it was never lacking. You just got the crazy idea that you needed to do what is already done, and become what God is already being.

Enlightenment is precisely what you are. And you couldn’t stop areing if you tried!

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