Where Is God?

In most monotheistic traditions, it is understood that God is not a being, not a physical object to be detected with the senses, but the ground of all being, a unified Spirit behind the many detectable things. But then specific claims are made about that Spirit, such as its gender, preferences for human clothing and […]

Omnism or Monism?

“One objective truth” doesn’t exist in a human language. As soon as you put Truth into words, it becomes subjective, and the sooner you understand that, the sooner you can embrace the intersubjective Reality that pantheism points us toward…which includes a small dose of omnism.

Evidence for Pantheism?

This article came to my attention via Poffo Ortiz, founder of Biopantheism and a close friend of Not Two. “Evidence for Pantheism,” by Jay N. Forrest of the Spiritual Naturalist Society, is one of the best thesis statements I’ve seen on the matter, as much for the careful steps he makes in developing the argument as […]