“Fear and Loathing” Turns 50

My internal space-time calculator did a double take yesterday upon reading this longish but fascinating Facebook excerpt of Hunter S. Thompson writing about writing — in particular, the making of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, which apparently just turned 50. Hard to imagine we’ve made fifty trips around the sun since Thompson pulled that […]

End of the Road?

One of the narrators of “Birding,” the one whose biography most closely resembles mine, spent a few years living in close proximity to the fabled Pacific Coast Highway, aka California Route 1, not far from the area called Big Sur. This is the place where the Santa Lucia Mountains meet the ocean with skin-on-skin intimacy, […]

Anarchism in the US

A couple recent Facebook interactions have me thinking more intently about my most recent e-book, “Spiritual Anarchism: An Introduction.” To my surprise, I’ve found more evidence than expected of people with a nuanced view of theology and spirituality following anarchist pages. On the other hand, I’ve seen that the political philosophy of anarchism still suffers […]


Note: this was originally posted on Not Two’s Facebook page, scheduled to run the morning of 1/5/20 amidst the drumbeat of war with Iran. I wanted to make sure it would go down on my permanent record as well. Not Two’s home office is located in a part of Earth occupied by a right-wing terror […]

Introduction to Spiritual Anarchism

Note: We will be doing a short series of posts about pertinent themes in the upcoming books, starting with Anarchism as it pertains to spirituality. It plays a major part in “The Peasant and the King,” though the A word isn’t mentioned once. As an intro, here is a spoken word piece by the great […]

More Thoughts on Pantheism and the Trinity

Any number of distinct things can be one. When people object to the concept of a triune God because “how can three Persons be one,” they are tripping over the least mysterious aspect of the Trinity, and the most mundane application of non-duality that makes it explicable in pantheist terms. Trunk, roots, and branches are […]

The Resurrection of “Birding”

For those who are relatively new to the Not Two/Noesta Aqui websites and Facebook page, this is a unique collaboration between two like-minded souls: myself, Waldo Noesta, and a fellow pan-Perennialist named JP Reville. I am the designated wordsmith, while JP does all the behind-the-scenes work on our websites and generally lives life up there […]