This blog has nothing to do with coffee art

But wow, I really like that image. So it’s staying.

Hi, I’m Waldo Noesta. I’ve never fashioned myself to be much of a blogger, and perhaps I won’t be, but I’m giving it the ol’ college try because this seems to be what people most like to read online nowadays. Fair enough.

This space will primarily be used to promote my publications here at ND Media, as well as at our affiliate website, Not Two: Global Spirituality for the Next Age.N2″ is my metaphysical wordsmith shop, where ideas discussed in short form here can be explored in much greater detail. I would encourage anyone with more than a passing interest in the subjects of Pantheism, Spiritual Naturalism, Non-Duality etc to visit and explore the underlying substrata of what will be introduced more topically here.

Thank you as always for visiting and supporting independent media and freethought in the oft-conformist branch of philosophy we call Theology. We can and will keep it moving forward to serve the needs of the 21st century and beyond with your faithful participation.


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